Two of the awesomest people in my world literally collided in the most hilarious way at the Golden Globes tonight, and I felt I could only express myself with a meme.

Amy and Bono have the most adorable little love affair dating back to U2’s performance on SNL in 2004, when Amy was just becoming a well-known cast member. The band played 3 songs at the end of the show, playing out the credits with “I Will Follow.” After wandering off stage and giving a lap dance to a female audience member, Bono wandered over to the stage where the cast members were and began slow dancing with Amy, something he is known to do at concerts. Amy’s reaction was typical of the ladies Bono dances with on stage: adorably star struck and crying. (The screen caps are terrible, but you can see her wiping a tear in the 3rd one.)

When speaking of the moment later, Amy said she was a huge U2 fan and it had meant a lot to her. It’s so cool to see how this epic friendship between two truly awesome people has flourished, and with hilarious results.

And yes, the Golden Globes kiss was a joke. It was a play on an awkward incident that had occurred between Bono and P. Diddy earlier in the evening. Plus, anyone who knows Bono’s wife Ali, who was sitting right there, knows that she is a BAMF who has precisely zero reasons to be insecure.

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